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Frequently Asked Questions

Anthem is always available to address any of your questions. Feel free to contact us at any time during or after your inspection.

Q: Is the seller or builder required to repair defective items identified in my report?
A: No. The inspection report provides you information about the homes condition only. Many use this information to negotiate repairs or cost adjustments to the sales agreement, however there are no binding requirements to correct any conditions noted.

Q: Do I have to be present for the inspection?
A: No you are not required to be there. If, however, you wish to be present, we encourage you to arrive near the end of the inspection when we have collected most of our information on the home. We will then have time to answer all of your important questions.

Q: Will my inspector provide an estimate for any necessary repairs?
A: No. Repair estimates are not an element of a standard home inspection. Upon request your inspector may discuss remedial options along with anticipated costs.

Q: How do I know my inspector is a qualified professional?
A: In the state of Idaho, there are no certification requirements for the field of home inspection; therefore it is important to inquire about your inspectors qualifications. Most home inspectors have had at least some work experience in the construction industry and may be a member of a nationally recognized organization such as ASHI or NACHI. Important questions to ask include: How long have they been inspecting? What is their background experience and/or training? How do they maintain their education? Most important is that you feel comfortable and confident that your inspector can properly evaluate the home and explain the conditions thoroughly.

Q: I am an out of state client, how will I get access to my report?
A: Our reports are generated in digital format (PDF) and sent via e-mail. A hard copy of the report is always available upon request.

Feel free to contact us at any time with additional questions.




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